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Beware of Fake Magpul PMAGs


Magpul knock offs are nothing new, the market is flooded with fake Magpul goods and fake/cheapo gun accessories in general. Fake EOtech optics and fake Magpul MBUS sights are all over Amazon and eBay. Well it looks like fake Magpul PMAGs have now entered the market big time, and at just the right time too it seems. Real deal PMAGs are impossible to find these days, and if you do find some they’re most likely going for over double the MSRP. Some people are even blatantly advertising these PMAGs on Backpage as Chinese copies, at least they’re selling them cheaper than real deal PMAGs.


And it’s not just the Chinese who are ripping off PMAGS, last year we posted about these fake German PMAGs.

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