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Barrel Chamber Cutaway after 4,000 Rounds




Ever wonder what a barrel chamber looks like after 4,000 rounds have been fired out of it? Posted over on r/guns, the pictures above show a 6.5×47 Lapua barrel cutaway after the owner retired it. I wonder what a chamber in .223/5.56 or .308 looks like after 4,000 rounds.

123 Lapuas at 2900 fps. My load was 37.2gr/ R15. Great thing about this caliber is the brass life. Getting 30+ reloads

Just recently retired a 6.5×47 Lapua barrel. Went from 1/2 MOA to 1+ MOA. Since this was my only 2 barrel to go south on me, I decided to cut it open for a cut away sample. Barrel had almost 4K rounds. Seems like a lot of copper on the lands although I did scrub the heck out of it the last couple hundred rounds. Don’t have a bore scope so this view is new to me.


  1. Interesting. Not much use though without a reference of what the barrel looked like when it was new. I’ve seen new barrels that where in that bad or worse condition.

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