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AR-15 80% Lower Receivers On Amazon



You can buy lot’s of gun related stuff on Amazon, from stocks and sights to lasers and holster. Well now you can buy 80% AR-15 lower receivers directly on Amazon. There’s nothing illegal about selling and buying 80% lowers on sites like Amazon as these aren’t considered firearms. Sold by Palmetto State Defense (not to be confused with Palmetto State Armory), they’re made out of forged 7075-T6 alunimum, tumbled and de-burred with mil-spec cuts.




  1. I like it when gun writers try to tell us American citizens what we should be or should not be allowed to purchase. So you don’t think we should purchase oil filter suppressor adapters? Maybe you should go and work for Recoil magazine Mr. Tsai.

    • I never said that American citizens should not be allowed to purchase them. Nor that I agreed with any laws that bar citizens from purchasing them. It’s not that I don’t think we should have them, I do, I’d love one for all my guns. I’d love to be able to walk into any gun shop and buy a suppressor as well.

      What I meant was those adapters are obviously for attaching a oil filter “suppressor” to your .22 rifle and they are trying to be passed off as a cleaning accessory. If Amazon finds out and takes them down they very well might take all gun accessories down. Which would suck as someone who is an avid Amazon shopper.


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