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Another STG-44 Spotted in Syria



Remember our post about the cache of STG-44 rifles found in Syria? Then there were the pictures of Syrian rebels using the STG-44 in skirmishes with the Syrian military. Well it looks like there’s some actual footage of the STG-44 in “combat”, check it out below. Maybe someone should teach these guys how to actually aim.


  1. Could they be using the wrong ammo that will just mess the gun up as they continue to use it? Or the rechamber it? Or unknown to us stg44s accept common ammo as well?

  2. idiot towel heads…..

    go to your local black market dealer, and get an ak-47 instead of destroying a real piece of history.

    i have to agree with goober, how the hell are they getting 7.62 kurz ammo anyways?

    7.62×39 is so much easier to get in that area, it makes no sense.

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