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Adjustable Fiber Optic Mosin Nagant Sights



The Russian Mosin Nagant rifle is popular among new and experienced shooters alike, they’re cheap, rugged, fairly accurate and did I mention cheap? Adding a scope mount or changing the stock out are fairly common mods for the trusty ol’ Mosin, there’s even a 10 round magazine in the works. Well now there’s a way to add adjustable fiber optic front sights to your WWII Soviet workhorse.


Smith Sights new adjustable fiber optic front sights help cure Mosins that shoot too high (or low) with their three sight options. They sell their new fiber optic front sights in either green or red as well as a classic style metal pin sight. They also sell their classic style sight and fiber optic sights as a combo. Ranging from $36 to $42.50 shipped it’s not a bad price to help dial in your Mosins accuracy, they also incluce a lifetime warranty.

EDIT: They also have a more affordable option where they can modify your Mosin sight that you supply for only $12.50.

Check them out at Smith-Sights.com.


  1. Hello,

    This popped up on my Google Alerts. Thank you for bringing me to folks’ attention!

    I do, on the “Services” page, also offer a less-expensive option of modifying a sight supplied by you. The Services start at only $12.50.

    Again, thank you for the short review. It means a lot.


    Josh Smith

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