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.50 BMG AR-15 Upper



The AR-15 rifle is the lego set of the firearms world, there’s a never ending combination of accessories available, barrel lenghts and calibers that can be used via various upper recievers. Here’s something that’s pretty unique in the AR world, a .50 BMG AR upper. The .50 Browning Machine Gun cartridge entered service in 1921, and is still going on strong to this day.

Watsons Firearms, Inc.’s .50 BMG upper receiver is a complete upper ready to pin onto your standard AR-15 lower. It also comes with an extanded takedown pin to make it easier to open and close your ARs lower. The .50 BMG upper features a 1 in 15 twist Lothar Walther 36″ target barrel, a DPMS Hi-Rider flat top receiver, a bipod and four point break. Watsons Firearms also headspaces the upper to be sure it accepts various manufacturers .50 BMG ammo. While this probably isn’t the best choice for a plinking AR for range use, if you’re hunting a T-rex it will do great. They go for $1349 over at watsonsfirearms.com.



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