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1915 Westinghouse Mosin Nagant Sells For $2325


Now that’s a beautiful Mosin Nagant, this gem went for an astounding $2,325 recently on Gun Broker. It’s an American made Westinghouse 1891 Mosin Nagant made in 1915. It’s in amazing condition, but is it worth over $2,300?


  1. I own a westinghouse mosin-nagant rifle that at one time had a round disc embedded into the side of the stock. Please tell me the purpose of the disc and if a replacement can be bought.

  2. I’m necroposting, so sorry, but in case you haven’t found your answer…

    Those disks were used by the Finns for unit identification. They were mostly removed and filled during the winter war… so your rifle is correct as is.


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