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MP-40 vs M1 Thompson vs M3 Grease Gun


Ever wonder how the German MP-40 and the American M1 Thompson and M3 Grease Gun looked and sounded like when shot side-by-side? The training video above from WWII seems a bit biased against the MP-40, it’s still a pretty good video however. If you had to choose one which would it be?


  1. Mp40’s lighter ammo weight is no advantage, ‘cuz it burns it up so much faster. With its higher cyclic rate, it’ll rip through whatever Fritz can carry while the M3 is still chugging along.

  2. The simple truth is that the MP40 was the Cadilac of WW2 submachine guns, and is by far the easiest to control. If I had to take one of these weapons into battle that would be the one I’d choose. The MP40 also has the advantage of using much lighter ammo allowing the soldier to carry more of it. It would hurt my feelings to pass up the Thompson & the M3 for the German gun, but I’d do it. The M3 ‘Grease Gun’ would be a close second choice, and the M1 Thompson would come in dead last for being too heavy & too hard to load. However, if I were choosing one to add to my collection for recreational shooting it would definitely be the Thompson, preferably a 1928 ‘Overstamp’ Model!

    BTW, the MP40 was NOT a ‘Schmeisser’!!!!


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