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Does Leaving Your Magazines Loaded Hurt Them?


Does leaving your magazines fully loaded hurt the spring tension? It’s an age old question that many gun enthusiasts have argued about for a long time. I feel that they do not, others feel that they indeed do. I always have a few magazines loaded, “just in case”. But to be safe I always have a few empty back-up mags ready for action. The person who made the above video asked, are you willing to bet your life on  it? While there is no final word on whether leaving your mags loaded does indeed hurt them, the video does make some good points.

He advises to rotate your magazines and don’t keep them fully loaded for long periods of time. I think as long as you use quality magazines you’ll be good to go.


  1. I don’t think leaving your mags loaded will hurt them, I just keep it loaded minus one round just in case however.

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