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Kushnapup Bullpup Saiga Stocks



Here’s a quick and easy way to convert your Saiga rifle or shotgun into a bullpup, the Kushnapup conversion stock is made to fit your Saiga with no gunsmithing required. According to Kushnapup your Saiga rifle or shotgun should drop right in with the only tool needed being a screwdriver. At $275 it’s not a bad price for a function accessory for your Saiga. The Kushnapup works with all S12 magazines, including drums. It also features an adjustable trigger, the catch however? It only works with unconverted Saiga rifles or shotguns. Check them out at Kushnapup.com.


  1. Look at how the drum mag blocks your gripping arm. Looks cool as hell but drum mags on bullpups rarely works well as far as ergonomics go.

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