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Is The KRISS Vector Overrated?



Andrew from VuurwapenBlog seems to think so. I got to shoot the KRISS Vector at the media range day at the SHOT Show and was pretty impressed with it, but then again I only got to go through one magazine and have no real world experience with the Vector. I do like using it in Call of Duty, yes I play Call of Duty. Anyone else feel the same way as Andrew? Leave us a comment.


  1. A shooting buddy and I got to try out the full auto MIL/LE version a few weeks ago (2 mags each). The recoil reduction isn’t really appreciable and the controls are in weird places. That said, it wasn’t much harder to control than any other full auto SBR, and the two-round burst was easy to keep on target. I didn’t have any function issues but my friend had at least 2 stovepipes per magazine, so YMMV. I think that with a suppressor, it makes for a competent tool for law enforcement users. But the price is a problem, especially when an SBR AR is cheaper to procure/maintain.


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