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Is AR-15 Panic Buying Back?



Remember back in 2008 during and right after the elections? When it was pretty much impossible to find ammo and many popular firearms? It was a quest just to find any AR-15s or .223/5.56 in-stock anywhere. Well it looks like the run on guns and ammo is about to go into full swing again. 57Strat posted on AR15.com about the recent out of stock situations at many online retailers who sell AR-15 rifles and parts. On a similar note, it looks like the prices of .223 and 5.56 are on the rise again too.

I have never seen it this bad. Check out the “out of stock” situation on the below examples:

Bravo Company upper receivers. Out of stock on 10 out of 11 uppers: Link

Bravo Company complete uppers: link

LMT is 20 weeks backordered on their 16″ upper: Link

Most rifles at LMT are backordered up to 20 weeks: Link

Rainer Arms is “out of stock” on more than half of their complete upper models: Link

Noveske is “out of stock” on nearly every upper they offer: Link

Most complete uppers are “out of stock” at DSG Arms: Link

AIM “sold out” on uppers: Link

AIM “sold out” on complete upper: Link

This is just a few examples. If you check other sites you’ll find similar situations.

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