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Zippo Lighter Pocket Gun



Here’s a cool way to carry a concealed gun for self defense, althought I doubt those little 6mm bullets will do much harm, might poke out an eye or two though. While this isn’t an official lighter from Zippo, it sure is cool. The gun is fired by rolling the flint wheel and the bullets fire out of a tiny barrel where the wick usually is, just don’t forget it’s a gun when you’re lighting up. The Zippo gun lighter pictured sold at auction back in 2006 for a whopping $6,810.


[Source: Ohgizmo]


  1. Thats such a cool lighter to have for my collection. I so want that but I have to be honest. I cant afford one at that price. So far over 40 of my lighters have made it to the glass case, while others are being used for wilderness survival.

  2. That’s not for self defense! Here have a light… bang. Still cool little novelty item no doubt. Like you said.. put an eye out. I’ve always wanted an Armalite 50 Cal! If this blogging thing pays off I know where to buy one!


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