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Vedder Holsters LightTuck IWB Holster Review


There are a ton of holster makers out there but the Devil is in the details, and the craftsmanship from Vedder Holsters makes it clear that they’re not lazy and cut corners. We have been running the Lighttuck Kydex Holster from Vedder Holsters for the M&P Shield with a Streamlight TLR-6. And in our opinion, the results from the Florida based company actually blew some of the bigger named holsters companies out of the water.

The quality of the holster is excellent with good solid materials and construction. This is apparent with a simple glimpse at the holster. Within my 10 years of concealed carrying, I have not seen an edge on a holster with such a polish and smoothness; this gives confidence to the operator by allowing the carry of a pistol for prolonged amount of time with none of the wedges to cut in. This also helps make for a smoother draw and prevents anything catching on the holster. 

As a red blooded American, we appreciate how all products are made in the USA by the craftsmen at Vedder Holsters. All holsters are made to order and shipped out in 3 business days or less, all other products ship within 24 hours. Many other holster makers have long wait times, those who do not usually have inferior products. 

The ergonomics and features of this holster platform are positive, with solid retention and adjustable screws on the side. Custom channels allows for the loaded chamber indicators, mag release buttons, and sights (most sights) to clear the holster properly.

The holster clips are strong with Vedder’s proprietary Rock Solid Spring Steel clip for maximum strength, minimal bulk, and ultimate concealment along the belt line. This clip also allows the user to quickly remove/place the holster into the desired carry position while keeping the holster locked in once clipped in over a sturdy belt. We used the Vedder Gun Belt with Cobra buckles for this review (keep an eye out for that review soon).

The range of 60 degrees cant from -30 to +30 degrees made for the perfect fit,
and the adjustable ride height from standard, mid, to deep, tailors to different body types and pistol-draw preference for much improving ergonomics.

One thing to note was that one pressure point created a bit of a hot spot from bottom edge portion of the holster that would naturally make contact with my leg when I sat down. While conducting this review, I wore this holster on a 14 hour road trip from the far west of Florida all the way to Key West, and of course back. The hotspot was noticeable against my leg but not unbearable. Remember, concealed carry is not suppose to be comfortable, but rather comforting.


Different pistol options available, like the Glock 43 with TLR-6 and over 250 other pistol options with up to 75 other color options from solid colors all the way too to Kryptek Typhoon if you’re into to that. The customer service was excellent with quick responses via email whenever I had questions. Also included is a 30 day money back guarantee and lifetime warranty should I have needed it.

Final impressions

When I’m off duty I have to always have a pistol on me, and the quality of this holster is solid with sturdy construction and versatile usability. I am able to carry and confidently know that my pistol (with mounted light) is secure, and that the trigger is protected. The minimalist style of the holster is ideal for a lower profile on the user.

The LightTuck Kydex IWB Holsters retail for $54.99 over at Vedderholsters.com. They’re also available on Amazon.com.



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