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Triple Barrel 18-Shot Revolver




It appears multi-barreled handguns aren’t a new idea. Unlike the double barrel 1911, the Pistola con Caricato is a three-barreled revolver that was probably state of the art back in its day, and probably pretty functional. Made in Italy at the turn of the 20th century, it has three barrels and 18 chambers in 6.35 x 16 mm semi-rimmed caliber, a.k.a. .25ACP.

While it’s not a gun that looks like it would easily fit in your pocket, it was probably used by European gentlemen for personal protection. Compared to the 6-shot revolvers around during the same period, the Pistola con Caricato must have been a quite intimidating even with the small .25ACP round. The Pistola con Caricato also used moon clips to aid in loading and unloading all 18 rounds. There isn’t much known about this odd handgun, and it may have just been a prototype. You can read more about it at Gizmag.com.



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