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Tri-Cor .38 Special Cartridge


The .38 Special round isn’t the optimal round for self defense these days, it’s been overshadowed by it’s big brother the .357 Magnum as well as a plethora of auto-pistol cartridges. But the venerable old .38 special can still pack a punch, especially the Tri-Cor .38 special cartridge. Constitution Arms Tri-Cor .38 Special cartridge is a triple-projetile load with three conocal shaped bullets stacked on top of each other. The three projectiles separates and then tumbles when it enters tissue, creating a larger wound channel and a better chance of hitting your target.

The 158 grain Tri-Cor is a best used in short barreled snub nosed revolvers (or the Palm Pistol which COnstitution Arms also produces) at 10 feet or less. The Tri-Cor isn’t cheap however, at $29 before sales tax and shipping for 6 rounds.

Check out the Tri-Cor .38 Special in action below.