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The Browning 1911-22



Any fan of the 1911 pistol knows that John Moses Browning designed the 1911. Did you know that Browning never actually made or sold a pistol under the Browning name? Earlier this year Browning announced they were throwing their hat into the 1911 ring (that they started), but not with a pistol chambered in .45acp, but in the budget-friendly .22lr. There was a lot of interest in their smaller scaled aluminum framed 1911 plinker, but it was put on the back burner for months. Well rumor is it should be making it’s debut this month 100 years after Browning’s iconic design was first adopted by the US Army.


What makes the Browning 1911-22 different than other .22 1911’s and conversion kits on the market? It’s been scaled down to 85% of the 1911’s original size and is much lighter due to its aluminum frame and slide coming in at just 15.5 ounces. At an estimated $500, it’s not cheap however, especially considering the alternatives all cost much less.

That doesn’t mean the new Browning 1911-22 should be overlooked, it does come with a target-crowned barrel and what Browning claims is a trigger that’s as crisp and clean as the original 1911s. If you can get over the smaller size and toy-like lightness, the Browning 1911-22 may be a great way to enjoy shooting Browning’s timeless design for a lot less money.

Check out Browning’s interactive 1911-22 page for more info.


  1. I think this is going to be a decent seller “as is” due to the fact it may be a limited anniversary production, there are few mid size 22 autos to choose from and the more famous ones like Walther PPKs (22.5oz)and Beretta 87 (20 oz)are at least 50% more expensive and hard to find. Of course, you could buy a Bersa 22cal (18oz) for 50% less but none of these are American Made, and not offered in 1911 style which is a proven seller. Maybe next year, if the production continues, Browning will increase the price a reasonable amount and make this pistol with a real steel slide like the previous three models mentioned as it would only add about ~30% more in weight, give it a nice hefty, quality feeling that it is going to last 25K rds.,thus putting it in the range of those mentioned. Perhaps the extra weight found in those others is not just in their steel slide but a beefier frame. Whatever the weight of the steel slide on those three examples, the 22cal has no problem cycling in those models with any HV 22 ammo you feed them based on all the reviews I have found. Next, put real walnut grips with US engraved on it, offer it in polished blue, matte black and OD green finishes and there would be a one year waiting list to get one!!!


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