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Strike Industries G4 Slidecomp Glock Compensator


The popular firearms accessory makers at Strike Industries recently debuted their new G4 Slidecomp Glock compensator. It’s currently on available from Strike Industries for $79.95 as well as online retailers for less. It only fits 9mm Gen 4 Glocks (not Gen 3 or earlier Glocks) and no threaded barrel is required and no permanent mods are done to your gun. It also works with open-bottomed holsters. We ordered one so look out for our review after they ship.

The Strike Industries G4 Slidecomp is available for $75 with free shipping on eBay.com.

– Eliminates the need for threaded barrels
– Blended, no snag profile
– Precision CNC machined
– No permanent modification of weapon required
– Compatible with fourth generation G17, G19, G22, G23, G31, G32
– Compatible with open-bottomed holsters

There’s not much info on these Glock compensators yet, but we did fine this Instagram video. Looks like it did a fairly good job at keeping that full-auto Glock stable.


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