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Staple Gun Firearms From Bahrain




These homemade staple gun firearms were posted over on Impro Guns, apparently they’re from Bahrain but not much else is known about them. It just looks like it uses a standard staple gun as a single-shot receiver along with a crude barrel and foregrip. Does anyone know what kind of ammo that is in the second picture?

I wouldn’t want to go into battle with this, but it seems like it would make a good liberator pistol to use to acquire a real firearm from an enemy soldier.

Apparently making a firearm out of a staple gun isn’t all that hard, this guy below makes a shotgun with one. I wouldn’t try this at home.


  1. The ammunition pictured are shotgun shells. The Greener 12/14 ga shell used in modified Martini action shotguns. These are bottle neck cases designed to be used only in the shotgun it was designed for.Basiclly a 12ga necked down to 14ga. These were made to prevent a “criminal” from using regular shotgun shells in a captured shotgun.Low pressure shotgun shells work fine in thick water pipe,basis for home made guns the world over.Neat idea using the staple gun as FCG.


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