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Snap-on Beretta Suppressor


Are you an international assassin, modern day ninja, or just a tacticool fanboy? If so then this snap-on suppressor is definitely for you! The snap-on 7-2878 & 7B-2878 suppressor for the Beretta 92 from Knights Armament has some very interesting features, it is available at autoweapons.com but no price is listed so you’ll have to shoot them an email for pricing info.

The Knights Armament suppressor features a snap-on design, as opposed to a screw-on style, making it much easier to mount the suppressor and take out your target. The suppressor also has built-in front sights, which is a nice touch as the Beretta 92’s front sights are usually blocked when adding a suppressor. The ad on autoweapons.com for the Beretta 92 and silencer combo also features a custom slide lock to stop the slide from cycling and ejecting a shell casing. Perfect for covering an assassins trail.


  1. I have a PX4 storm 9mm, I’ve looking at suppressors and due to the rotating barrel suppressors either get tight or loose. Would a snap on work and do they make one for the PX4

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