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Sig Sauer’s New SB15 Pistol Stabilizing Brace



Sig Sauer introduced their new SB15 Pistol Stabilizing Brace today. Designed as a shooter’s aid to improve the single-handed use of AR-15 pistols. It’s made in the USA of elasto-polymer and fits all AR-style buffer tubes from 1″ to 1.2″ in diamter. The brace uses the shooter’s forearm for support with a flexible cuff and two adjustable nylon straps. The SB15 is ATF approved according to Sig and a part of the proceeds will go towards helping veterans of HAVA (Honored American Veterans Afield). The SB15 retails for $139 and is available over at SigSauer.com. Check out the video below of the SB15 in action, I think it’s a pretty neat accessory for any AR-15 pistol build. My only question is can it be used to shoulder the pistol? The design looks like it may make that difficult to do.


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