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Secret Service Switching to DAK Sig P229s



The Secret Service has been in some hot water lately, but here’s something in my opinion is even more scandalous than their sexcapades with Colombian prostitutes. What can be worse you ask? Well the Secret Service is moving away from the tried and true Sig P229 chambered in .357 SIG and a DA/SA trigger to P229s with the Sig “Double Action Kellerman”, or DAK trigger.

What’s so bad about that you ask? It’s pretty much a double-action-only setup that if you ask me, is pretty awful and a feature I really don’t care for. Sure Sig says their DAK features a consistent 6.5lb trigger pull. But having the ability to shoot in single-action is a feature I really like about most Sigs. I hope whoever made the choice to make the switch at the Secret Service gets forced out along with the guys involved in the Colombian prostitute scandal.



  1. i find the DAK system the easiest to handle and most precise system for me. im sure the SS didnt just pick it of off the shelf and decide to use it. these guys put thousands of rounds downrange on a regular basis. opinions aside they must have seen some fundemental advantage for choosing the system.


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