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Rock Island Double Stack Tactical 1911


Rock Island Tactical 1911 double stack

Rock Island Double Stack Tactical 1911

Rock Island double stack tactical 1911

New for 2012, Rock Island Armory is planning to release their new 1911 Tactical double stack in the next few months.


  1. My friend who is an FFL and orders through Jerry’s Sport Center gave me one of his ordering catalogs. In the “2012-2013 Winter Dealer Hunting Catalog” (Vol. F4-12) this 13rd M1911A2 sells for $542.95 (.45ACP) and $542.99!!!!! Mind you, these are dealer prices … but still! If you don’t beleive me here is a photo I scanned of it on the catalog. When i’m 21 i’m so getting one of these. Ask your FFL to look into Jerry Sports Center to find these 1911A2’s
    The link: ( http://imgur.com/4KuI1z4 )

  2. Does anyone know if this will be available in .40 S&W??? Soon??? Imported to the USA??? This would make an awesome and a much cheaper alternative to the STI and SVI line of 2011’s for USPSA/IPSC Limited Division.

  3. Just ordered this gun from Elk County Ammo & Arms in 9mm for $659 plus $20 for shipping. Should be here in under a week.

      • The mag that came with it is a mec gar p18 .38super that has a thicker plastic baseplate that I assume is to make it easier to seat in that deep magwell. Ran my first 150 rounds through it flawlessly. Would have run more, but I forgot my screwdriver to adjust elevation. Windage was spot on from the factory. Actually, elevation is ok, I just like my target to sit “on top” of the front sight and it was set for the front sight to cover the target. They say to allow 500 rounds for break in, but it’s a great shooter out of the box.

  4. I’ve been looking too. When i saw this 1911 i knew it was exactly what i wanted but, i can’t find anything, any help would be appreciated

  5. Kyle,

    I have been looking high and low for this 1911 to become available since January. But I still have not had any luck. I called Armscor and they are supposed to be sending me a catalog. Hopefully it will come soon with some answers.

    Have you heard anything new since your last post?

  6. Can anyone please let me know the release date for this pistol. I have been looking all over for one and there seems to be none out for sale. I checked the website and it has been down for weeks, while they build a new one. Any help would be appreciated.

    • I don’t think it’ll come in GAP….definitely .45ACP though obviously. 9mm probably down the road..and most likely a .22 conversion 😉

      That’s how Rock rolls
      …Can’t WAIT for this!

  7. I can’t thank you enough for your blog and posting this in particular! I’ve been looking for about a year for this setup on a 1911 for under $1000!!!!!! I literally just took my frustration to the 10 or so forums I’m on and made a thread looking for a 1911 style, double stack, tactical, upgraded trigger and hammer, stippling, big mag well etc!!!!!! The only diff is mine would be 2 tone/OD/FDE or something!
    OK when and where and how can I give my money for this gun?

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