EDIT: Someone actually makes a Maglite attachment for threaded barrels, check them out on Amazon.com

If you watched the first episode of season three of The Walking Dead last night you may have noticed that Rick and Carl Grimes are now sporting suppressors on their guns. You may have also noticed they seemed to be homemade with Rick’s silencer being made out of a flashlight, more specifically a 2-D Maglite flashlight like this. I had no idea you could even do it, but apparently it’s possible. There’s even a few DIY articles on it around the web.

While a Maglite silencer wouldn’t be my first choice, at least they won’t be attracting more walkers each time they fire a shot. I just wish the firearms effects were a little more realistic in the show. Did anyone else notice the lack of recoil, shells being expelled and slides/actions moving?

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Don’t believe you can make a suppressor with a Maglite?

And the suppressor in action

EDIT: Someone actually makes a Maglite attachment, check them out on Amazon.com.


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