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Rick’s Maglite Sound Suppressor from The Walking Dead



If you watched the first episode of season three of The Walking Dead last night you may have noticed that Rick and Carl Grimes are now sporting suppressors on their guns. You may have also noticed they seemed to be homemade with Rick’s silencer being made out of a flashlight, more specifically a 2-D Maglite flashlight like this. I had no idea you could even do it, but apparently it’s possible. There’s even a few DIY articles on it around the web.

While a Maglite silencer wouldn’t be my first choice, at least they won’t be attracting more walkers each time they fire a shot. I just wish the firearms effects were a little more realistic in the show. Did anyone else notice the lack of recoil, shells being expelled and slides/actions moving?

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Don’t believe you can make a suppressor with a Maglite?

And the suppressor in action

EDIT: Someone actually makes a Maglite attachment, check them out on Amazon.com.



  1. Oh yea and when the farm gets overrun herschel fires 30 something shells out of his shotgun with out ever having to reload until he decides to run

  2. Also on the subject of The Walking Dead’s bad weapon animations there’s an episode where andrea has to clear a jam on her 92f and she drops the magazine clears her stove pipe and never replaces the magazine but then proceeded to fire multiple rounds with the magazine still visible in the magazine well that she never replaced

  3. I have been making silencers for shits and giggles since I was a kid from coke botttles pvc pipe and even a mag lite and im here to tell u a precisely stationary fit or snug fit for that matter is not nessicarily a necesity as long as your consider the fact the bullet might make a different hole each time however it does limit the long term use of the application. To acctually gain knowledge rather than just assume you have a technical insight try googling (Hitman a comprehensive guide to contract killing) best diposable design I’ve found so far so in other words if you haven’t tested it dont say it doesn’t work

  4. It has always looked to me that Carl’s silencer is one of the new aluminum coke bottles. The shape and size are about right.

  5. The idea in these videos doesn’t work. The problem is that the aluminum pieces aren’t even the right size to thread for a barrel. If the suppressor is wobbling or crooked the bullet won’t travel down the narrow hole. Fortunately, you can buy a cheap maglite adapter on ebay that will allow a precise fit because it’s threaded 1/2×28 TPI
    Then, you can just carry around a maglite and convert it in seconds.

  6. I ead just watching the marathon and carls definatly looks to be a baseball bat the part the transitions from the grip to the hitting surface

  7. I’ve seen the Maglite suppressor years ago that worked. There was a gunsmith in North Augusta, SC (who lost his FFL) who made them. He also used to make a single shot pistol out of Maglites.

  8. I’m not 100% on this, but it looks like Carl’s silencer may be home built from the end of an aluminum baseball bat. Same concept as the flashlight, its just providing a case for some sort of baffles.

  9. So I notice there’s another blog, cough endo cough that keeps stealing your content without citing the source. They did it blatantly with this post.

    Anyways, this season of TWD has been awesome!

  10. That tutorial you linked to is probably the worst silencer idea I’ve seen. A mechanical pencil for a barrel extension? And duct tape as an attachment method? Sheesh. Please no one try to make that. You will injure yourself and others.

  11. I have not seen this episode yet but a couple of years ago I read a review of a covert sniper rifle that included a suppressor disguised as a maglite.
    If we ever have a zombie/end of world situation then a homemade suppressor may be a good idea

  12. I noticed the lack of gun animation immediately and it drove me up the wall. The past two seasons have been beautifully correct, but after this episode I was a bit sad. I’m hoping that it’s because they may have rushed this episode or some other sort of technical issue like the gun recoiling through a chain link fence and hanging up causing some sort of harm to the actors. They only have 8 days for each episode so I’m looking forward to see if they can make up for it with their next 8.

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