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Remington to release their own 1911



Here’s some interesting news in the gun world, Remington who are known for their high-quality rifles and shotguns will be entering the handgun market. The Shooting Wire reported on the news regarding an internal Remington memorandum. Remington will apparently be releasing their own 1911, which seems to be in every pistol makers lineup these days, as well as on every other gun related magazine’s cover. I am a fan of the 1911 so seeing a new one entering the market will be interesting.

However, many military and police agencies are adopting polymer pistols. So Remington may be releasing their own 1911 as a way to test how well they can make a handgun, than they may have a modern poly pistol in the works for the future.  Whatever the case, competition is always good and the hand gun market sure is a competitive one.

The Outdoor and Shooting Wires have received- and verified the accuracy of an internal Remington memorandum that effectively answers most of a question that has been making the rounds of the industry: Is Remington getting into the handgun market?

Short answer, yes.

A 1911 is in first-production testing, and may be ready for introduction at SHOT Show in January.

[Source: The Shooting Wire]