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Philippine National Police Buys 14,000 Glock 17s


Philippine National Police Special Actio

The Philippine National Police purchased 60,000 Glock 17 pistols last year to update their police force, which were using pretty outdated equipment and sidearms. I know, I’ve been to the Philippines quite a few times. Anyways, since Glock gave them such a smoking deal during their first purchase the PNP decided to buy an additional 14,000 Glock 17 pistols. They paid P16,000 each with their first purchase according to TheFirearmBlog. That’s around $371.56 American, yeah that’s a pretty darn good deal.

[Picture source: Discoverelitepolice.com]


  1. Glock/TrustTrade was the 2nd lowest bidder. Due to a technicality, IWI/Espineli was disqualified. Which means that our police officers were this close to carrying Jericho 941s (Baby Desert Eagle) instead of Glock 17s.


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