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North Carolina ALE replaces unreliable Kimber 1911s


After only more than a year or use, officials at the North Carolina Alcohol Law Enforcement division was forced to find replacement pistols for the Kimber 1911’s they purchased for their agents. Costing $1,055 each, ALE director John Ledford said their Kimber pistols had so many problems that they were forced to replace them with new Sig Sauers. Ledford claimed the Kimber pistols had issues ranging from jams during training exercises to broken sights.

“The Kimbers were unreliable as a whole and had numerous problems involving the malfunctioning of the weapon. They needed to be replaced as their use had become a safety issue for the officers and a liability issue for the department.”

This isn’t good news for Kimber, hopefully it was just a bad batch, as Kimber also makes 1911’s for the LAPD SWAT Team and other police agencies around the country with no news of issues like the N.C ALE has experienced.