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New ATI Lightweight 1911s



American Tactical Imports, ATI, is now importing two new 1911s. Called the ATI FX45 Titan Lightweight and Fatboy Lightweight (wait, what?) they retail for $589 and $700. More info from the press release:

The American Tactical Imports .45 ACP Titan Lightweight, by Shooters Arms Manufacturing Inc., is a durable alloy pistol based on our standard 1911 FX Titan model. It has an overall length of 6 ¾” and a 5” height. The Titan Lightweight weighs only 27.9 oz. unloaded. It has an ambidextrous manual safety, grip safety, locked breech.

The Fatboy Lightweight, also by Shooters Arms Manufacturing, Inc., is an improvement on the original Fatboy model. It has a 5” height and overall length of 6 ¾.” It weighs 27 oz. unloaded and includes the same safety features as the Titan Lightweight.