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More Pics Of The Sig Sauer ACP From SHOT Show 2012



Sig Sauer had their new ACP Adaptive Carbine Platform on display at the 2012 SHOT Show. We got to hold it and play around with it for a bit, I can’t wait to get my hands on one to review, it’s a pretty neat setup.


Sig even has a ZK “Zombie Killer” accessory bag for their new ACP. Nothing kills zombies more effectively than zombie branded products!


  1. I have seen some photos of the ACP with silencers attached. I have not, however, read any articles that mention them. I’d like to hear about the silencers. Which ones were used, which ones extracted and fed reliably inside the platform reliably and that sort of thing. I think it would make a great Car Gun (if I ever start driving for Uber again) to have a Glock 17 in an ACP and carry it with a silencer mounted. The standard mag would be in the gun, but if I have to put a fresh magazine in, I could have a 33 round magazine stick that was ready to go, should it ever be needed.

  2. Wendell L. HarlowJune 11, 2012As far as I’m concerned, for prsaonel protection I consider a .38 special the absolute minimum, and I still prefer something a bit more serious.I’ve always had pretty good luck with a .357 Magnum, assuming the proper load selection is made. The problem with that round, though, is it pretty much limits you to a revolver.I’m a .45acp guy in general, and a 1911 guy in particular. I carried one in the Marines and it’s familiar to me. It has great stopping power, especially if you use a good defense load like Hornady’s XTP.Some don’t care for the size and weight of a 1911, and some think the .45 is a bit much, but it works for me.


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