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LaserLyte Zombie Killer Lasers, No Really



I kid you not, LaserLyte joined the zombie gun product fad with their Zombie Killer edition of lasers for Ruger and Kel-Tec .380 and 9mm pistols. They mount by pushing out the stock frame pins and mounted the laser with new threaded pins, which is a great concept. What’s not so great? The retarded green color. Because this will really make your gun look cool, not. At least it’s a functional product, unlike many of the zombie products at SHOT 2012.


  1. Love zombies, there pretty much sucked into our culture now, they will probably make a quick buck off this.

  2. LaserLyte just lost my business. I got my S&W shield in the mail and it came with a booklet for accessories. In the booklet was a LaserMax, Inc. laser sight description. Later, I went to the LaserLyte website and saw they copied the LaserMax, Inc. description from the booklet, word for word! Even the headline. Not cool. I hope LaserMax calls them out for this.. if they even know yet.

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