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Japanese Camera Pistol


No that’s not a Tokarev ray gun above, but a 16mm still-image camera. Made in Japan by Doryu Camera Company, the Doryu 2-16 was made from 1954 to 1956. According to Camerapedia the Doryu 2-16 was a police-issue device for Japaense cops. Instead of shooting bad guys with bullets, they shot them with a camera. The Doryu 2-16 camera used magnesium bullet cartridges that were loaded into a magazine just like real bullets. Police officers just had to point, aim and fire to capture still images or crimes in progress. The magnesium cartridges discharged out the guns slide and acted as a flash for the camera, we’re assuming this looked cooler than just using a plain old flash bulb. Reviews for the Doryu 2-16 camera weren’t so good, it didn’t meet the specs of the Japanese police and it is not know if they were ever used by the Japanese police force, but it sure does look cool.

The Doryu 2-16 camera pistols are very rare and can be quite valuable. Back in 2001 at Christie’s auction house one Doryu 2-16 fetched almost $25,000. Not bad for such a cool looking device.

[Source: PCWorld]



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