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How Not To Dry Off Your Polymer Pistol



Good gun maintenance is key, you should always clean your firearm and keep them in good working order. But knowing how-to properly clean your firearm is pretty important too. This guy obviously didn’t know how-to properly clean his pistol, he thought drying off his Sig Sauer Pro in his oven at 400°f was a good idea.



  1. Hi,
    French LEO,
    This picture was an old story.
    If i can, not to save this dumbass but for the anecdote.
    In old time, Algerian war, 1954-1962, French Army and French Gendarmerie (military police), have the MAC-50 for duty firearms. A tip to clean quick and indeed this brick of steel was to put them (field disassembled and plastic grip off, of course) to boiled water and Saint-Marc soap ( a well-known old-french clean-every-thing soap).
    The trick pass the time but not the change of firearms.
    Some MAS G1, an national under licensed beretta 92 build at low cost, did not pass yet the same treatment very well. Some black covered finished weapons became stainless for the delight of the armorer and the hierarchy.
    You’ve got the result to the legendary/tip transmission in picture with low-brained LEO and actual weapons…

    My 2022, had never had any malfunction, only a slight sensitivity to rust for the metal parts. It was on jungle weather too but my personal Glock 19 won’t have any, any, any rust particle.
    And I know motorcycle policeman who meet the same problem. Perhaps cost-cutting from the state-customer to Sig.
    My two cents…
    Best regards.

  2. My Browning Hi-Power would have survived. Maybe some new grips would be in order, but otherwise fully functional.

    Silly plastic guns.


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