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Glock Grip Reductions


One of the biggest complaints of the Glock is the grip. Either it’s too wide, has an odd angle or it just plain doesn’t fit many shooters hands. Glock has attempted to help improve the grip of then Gen4 models with adjustable pistol grip backstraps, and while that may help a bit, there’s always gunsmiths out there who can take it a step further and modify your Glocks grip. Some people try stippling their Glock grips, but that just changes the texture of the grip and does nothing to address the angle. Lew at Glockgripreduction.com takes it a step further. For $110 he’ll do a full grip reduction and modify your Glocks grip to try to match that of a 1911. I actually think with a new paint job it doesn’t look half bad.


  1. I actually kind of like the way that looks, I’m not a Glock fan but I’d be willing to give those Glocks a try.

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