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Glock Buried For 2 Years Then Given 500rd Test Fire



I saw this video over at Gunmartblog, it’s back from 2009 but it shows just how reliable Glocks really are. These guys buried a Glock 21 for 2 years in the mud, dug it up and shot 500 rounds through it without a single malfunction. Rusted trigger spring, internals and all.


  1. You state O malfunctions… I saw several… a coulple of not returning to battery… at least one that took a tap rack bang drill to fix and near the end… a double feed that needed the shooter to strip the magazine to clear the pistol.

    But your right… Glocks seem to take a licking and keep on ticking. I have seen at least 500,000 rounds fired from Glock pistols over the years and yours ran no better or worse than a unit that’s been in correct storage for two years.

    Change that rusty spring out.. and run it the rest of it’s normal service life.

  2. I love my 21, but one question. As i was cleaning mine i realized the polymer frame had a slight inward bend on the right side toward the rear…. I see it in the picture above as well. Is this normal part of the design or a flaw of some sort? Thanks Steve

  3. That is the reason why I dont worry about my glocks really having many maintenance problems, there such solid guns.

  4. I like my G22 a lot but “no malfunctions?” then what were the 2 or 3 stoppages I saw… how about “bad ammo,” or “poor pistol handling,” or maybe “pilot error.”


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