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Glock AOW Movie Prop


Check out this Glock 21 movie prop posted on TFB a while back. It’s a Glock AOW setup with a muzzle brake and an HK style vertical grip. I think it looks pretty bad ass. The actual propmaker posted a comment on TFB about his creation too.

I made this gun. Most of the assumptions are correct. Let me hit the high points.
This was a very old project. At least 10-12 yrs old.
It was intended as a static prop.
The pic was a live weapon. Purely for the photo op. The finished version would have utilized a blank only prop.
I used to work in partnership with a class3 mfg so NFA was not a concern.
As mentioned the dust cover/rail mount on any glock is far too flimsy to use for a Foregrip.
Through researching the project we realized that if a glock was to use a vfg the load could not be put on the rail it would have to be centered on the trigger guard to mitigate the leverage action of the vfg to prevent snapping the rail off.
Thusly… the project was deemed silly.
The grip was an aftermarket Hk pdw grip. The comp was made up on the fly.
Small movie production companies are surly.
The movie never happened. I never got paid for my work.
I have no idea where those parts are now.