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Glock 1911


The battle between which is the best pistol design of all time, the 1911 or the Glock, is now over with the release of the Glock 1911 pistol. Due out in late 2011 the Glock 1911 chambered in .45acp will retail for $799.

Just kidding!

The world hasn’t imploded, pigs aren’t flying, and the state of California is not out of debt…it was just a really good photoshop of a Spartan 1911.

[Source: pistol-forum]


  1. How much has the rest of you been paying for the new glock 1911 I fell in love with it as nd I need one if not two.

  2. Sooooon-ooof-aaaaa…..Man….You really had me going…I was getting really excited there for a minute…HAHAHA Thanks for the laugh

  3. Wow someone from the legendary .50 cal maker came on this blog to talk crap? I hope they’re just trolling. Very unprofessional.

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