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Glock 17 Cut Down to Use Glock 19 Mags



Ever wonder what a Glock 17 would look like if the grip was cut to accept Glock 19 mags? A Redditor over at r/Glocks did just that, and I think it looks pretty darned good! Why would someone do such a thing? Maybe they had smaller hands and it was more comfortable, maybe because they had a Glock 19 and a ton of mags, maybe just because.


And here’s what it looks like with Glock 17 mags.


  1. Hey, that’s my gun! I was pleasantly surprised just now to see my cutdown G17 in a Glock Google search that led me here.
    As you might have guessed, yes, the shorter grip conceals much easier than full length. I wanted the conceal-ability of a G19 without sacrificing the sight radius or barrel length of my G17. I was also interested in the cleaner look of mags that fit flush with the bottom of grip rather than protruding, so this project had appealed to me for awhile.
    Undercutting the trigger guard alleviates the discomfort of rubbing against the knuckle of my middle finger and also helps to offset the slightly shorter grip length while helping me to maintain a higher grip in relation to the bore.
    Since this project I’ve also done a cutdown on my friend’s G34, which he conceals in the 3 o’clock position quite easily.

  2. When I was looking at Glocks, I found that my hand didn’t fit well on the 19. The bottom ‘finger bump’ was directly under my pinky. I’d love to try a Glock with a compact-length frame without the finger bump.

    And why cut the grip? Because the long grip is the hardest part to conceal, not the slide. This combines a full-length barrel & sight radius with a more concealable grip.


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