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FNS-9 Striker Fire Pistol Coming to the US


The FNP and FNX series of pistols from FNH have become quite popular in the United States for its high quality and affordable price. Downrange.tv reported that FNH will add another pistol to their lineup in the United States with their new FNS-9 Striker fire pistols. Aimed at the US law enforcement market as well as consumer, the FNS-9 will debut sometime in 2012 and will feature multiple internal safeties, interchangable backstraps, amdixtrous controls and checkered grips. I’m a fan of the FN pistols with a hammer, and other pistols with a hammer like the 1911 and various Sigs, but striker fired pistol are very popular among law enforcement and consumers alike making the FNS-9 a logical step for FNH. If the new FNS-9 is as great as their FNP and FNX pistols they’re sure to find a niche here in the US.