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DIY Rail Mod For Subcompact Glocks


Posted over at GlockTalk, this DIY is for owners of subcompact Glocks that don’t come with a rail for weapons lights such as the G26 and G27. For whatever reason Glock still has yet to offer a integrated rail for their subcompact models. If you have a Dremel and are willing to take an emery cutting wheel to your Glock this might be a DIY for you. Proceed at your own risk however.


  1. This may seem pointless to some BUT, actually I think this could potentially be a useful mod for certain people. Think about it like this. I’m not a big fan of Viridian but, if you could fit something like a Streamlight TLR-3 on there, on a G26/27/33 that could make for a very compact carry gun while still having a weapon light on it. Might not be for everyone, but an interesting possibility. Thanks for the link Ray!


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