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Customize your GSG 1911 With Parts From CW Accessories




The GSG 1911-22 is fast becoming a very popular pistol because of its classic styling, affordable price tag and the even more affordable .22LR ammo. And like with all popular firearms, it’s starting to have an aftermarket following. CWAccessories.com is one of a few companies that’s started to produce accessories for the GSG 1911.


At just $6.95, their loader assist button is definitely a must have accessory for your GSG 1911. With the affordability of .22LR, you’re sure to put a lot of lead down range. The CW loader assist button is a great way to save your thumbs from all that loading, it also makes a great tool to help disassemble your mags and punch pins on the GSG 1911.


CW also makes a guide rod and recoil spring for the GSG 1911. Their recoil spring is matched with their guide rod and is said to help enhance the function of the GSG 1911 slide, which is known to be a bit finicky at times with certain ammo. Their improved guide rod is made out of 17-4 SS and 6061 aluminum and was designed to be stronger and more dependable than the OEM GSG guide rod. At just $21.95 for both the recoil spring and guide rod, it’s a worthwhile investment in case your OEM parts should ever fail.


Perhaps their coolest accessory for the GSG 1911 is their compensators. They thread directly to the barrel of the GSG 1911, unless you purchased your GSG 1911 in a state that doesn’t allow threaded barrels, California I’m looking at you.

CW’s compensators not only look awesome, they help reduce muzzle flip to help with faster follow-up shots. They’re made out of stainless steel and weight in at just 2.5oz. They range in price from $35.25 to $49.50.


Another pretty cool accessory from CW is their anodized aluminum base pads. While they may not be a must have accessory, if you do any competitive shooting where you constantly are changing mags, you’ll be glad to have that extra bit of protection as you drop your mags during mag changes. They go for $17.95 and are available in black or silver.

If you own a Sig Sauer 1911-22 you’ll be able to use all of these accessories as well as the Sig Sauer 1911-22 is actually just a rebranded GSG 1911. You can find all of the accessories above at CWAccessories.com.


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