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The Chiappa 1911 .22



The 1911 is one of the most sought after hang guns in the world, it is an icon that has been with us for close to 100 years. But these days shooting the popular .45acp can be very expensive, if you can even find it. Many people have purchased .22lr conversion kits for their 1911 pistols, but now Chiappa has a 1911 of their own, in .22lr. Designed after the M1911, the Chiappa 1911-22 looks just like the 1911 we all love. But the action is quite different, using a fixed-barrel recoil system instead.

The Chippa 1911 is one of the first full 1911 pistols to make use of the much cheaper and abundant .22lr round, will this open up a large market for dedicated hand guns in that shoot .22lr? With the price of ammo on the rise it appears that way, the GSG 1911 is also in the works. It won’t be long until the other 1911 makers follow suite.

Chiappa 1911 .22 Specs

Caliber: .22 Long Rifle
Capacity: 10 rounds
Grip: Wood
Barrel: 5″ / 6 grooves
Twist: 1:16″
Gun Length: 9″
Weight: 32 ounces
Price: $265 (starting)
Availability: Now

[Source: TFB]


  1. Looked at one last week – cheesy. An airsoft toy trying to be a real gun. Seems to be all the rage nowadays (e.g Colt AR15-22). For the same $300, I bought a real Ruger 22-45 (new) and adapted it to use REAL 1911 grip panels.


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