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CAA Tactical pistol-rifle converter



CAA Tactical showed off their new pistol-rifle converter at Milipol 2009. It makes your pistol handle and feel like a short carbine rifle. The kit adds a front grip, stock, picatinny rails, sight and scope, and an extra magazine holder, it is also compatible for use with a silencer. It does not however, extend the barrel or change your pistol from being semi- to full-auto. It does not turn your pistol into a true rifle, but the new configuration makes your pistol handle more like a carbine providing a more steady platform and thus improving accuracy.

Check out the video below to see it in action:

[Source: Gizmodo and CAA Tactical]

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  1. Groovy for sure. However folks, buy one of these and slap your pistol into it and you will be in violation of federal law. There is a process to transfer and own a title 2 with the ATF however that will make it all nice and legal.

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