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Beretta Nano 1000 Round Endurance Test


Reliability is a must when it comes to a handgun used for self defense, companies like Glock are still around simply because they make solid reliable pistols.

Beretta made the above video to show just how reliable their new Nano is. They fired 1000 rounds out of a brand new Nano off the factory floor that was bone dry. The new Beretta Nano was designed an developed in the US and it is made right here in the US. It features a slide made out of solid billet of steel with a stainless steel sub-chassis.


  1. Also important to mention that the pistol was degreased before the test, so it was as you said “bone dry'” I am curious to know if it had any jams, at all, that is failures to eject, failures to load, failures to fire. I don’t remember mention of that in the video. It was stated that the ammunition used was Black Hills but I also don’t recollect if it was stated what type and weight of bullet.

    Anyway, I for one am very interested and from what I know so far about it will probably buy the Beretta Nano with the intention of using it for concealed carry.


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