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Alamo Tactical Kydex Minimalist Holster


I like minimalist designs, especially when it comes to my shooting gear. That’s why this holster caught my eye, Alamo Tactical’s kydex minimalist holster is an extremely low profile and simple holster that adds very little bulk while carrying. Their IWB holster uses a J-Clip to keep the holster from moving while drawing and covers the trigger guard to prevent accidents. At $20 they won’t break the bank either. They’re available in right hand and left hand configurations in black and flat dark Earth for Glocks, XDs, 1911s, M&Ps and other popular handguns. Check them out at Alamotactical.com.

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  1. Wait time is ridiculous. ” Only one guy making them”. Hire another person already. Seems like a Business 101 concept to me and my circle. Hit my card day of the order, however…early July???

  2. OR if you are interested check out the VersaClip by Just Holster It. Simply to use and can adjust cant a minimum of 15 degrees in either direction. Convert and concealed carry holster that is fitted with a Fomi clip. Same great material, but allows you to adjust your holster for Appendix Carry or small of the back carry. Enhance your concealed holster experience with a VersaClip by Just Holster it, LLC

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