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Gun Sales To Women On The Rise



It seems like gun ownership isn’t just for the guys anymore, gun ownership among women is on the rise. Miles Hall, owner of the H and H Gun Range in Oklahoma City says his sales to women in the first month of 2012 alone were up 54%. The gun industry has taken notice as well, many companies have released pink hand guns and rifle and even a bra holster, all targeted towards women shooters.

This news isn’t surprising, over the past few years I’ve noticed the increasing number women at the shooting ranges and gun shops I frequent. And not just women with their husbands or boyfriends, I’ve seen groups of women together practicing their marksmanship and purchasing guns without a guy with them. I think this is great for the shooting sports and gun ownership in general in America, it shows that more and more people are open to owning and using firearms for both sport and self defense, or just practicing their second amendment rights. Here’s to all the lady gun owners out there, happy shooting!

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