If you don’t like seeing historical firearms rusting away waiting to be sent off to the melter then don’t continue, it’s hard to look at.

These pictures have made the rounds on most of the gun forums online, they’re supposedly from somewhere in South East Asia, most likely Vietnam.  Imagine all the battles these guns were part of. What a shame…

M1340 mini guns

M60s and AK mags and parts

Czech ZB30s

Pile of AK-47s

Bazookas and M1 Thompsons

Enfields, 1903 Springfields and M1 Thompson magazines.

.50 cal and M60 machine gun parts, Russian DP28 machine guns, Bren and M16 magazines

HK G3 and Mauser K98s


Grease guns

Brens, M60s and a Hotchkiss M1914 machine guns

Assorted machine guns, RPGs, magazines and a flare pistol.

M60 and Brens

Recoilless rifle

Stack of RPGs

German MG34s

A view of the gun graveyard


A sea of magazines

Pile of Thompsons

.30 cal machine guns

[Source: project-x.org.uk/armsdumpindex]

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