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Eye Protection/Shooting Glasses Review



One often overlooked piece of shooting gear is proper shooting glasses. Many shooters focus on hearing protection when proper eye protection can be just as important, many shooters often cheapen out on hearing protection as well but that’s another post altogether. I’ve been guilty in the past of throwing on a pair of sunglasses and heading out to the range, but after being hit in the face by splash back from a ricochet I invested in some better eye protection.

The guys over at the LuckyGunner Lab’s recently did a review of some of the various eye protection and shooting glasses out on the market. So which passed their tests? Check out their full review at the LuckyGunner’s Labs.


  1. Thanks for the re-post of Andrew’s very informative test results and video.

    As Lucky Gunner Labs do a great job of pointing out, polycarbonate lenses become increasingly brittle over time, relative mostly to the amount of their exposure to sunlight/UV radiation. The take-away, reiterated: if you own eye protection of older or indeterminate age, and/or your eye pro is of previous individual ownership, and you plan to use it in situations where high-velocity threats are a possibility: inspect it carefully for lens crazing, hazing, yellowing, or any other sign of aging or wear. Never put a questionable product into use.

    This is one very important reason why ESS does not recommend purchasing our products through Military Surplus or other after-market sales channels. A product’s history relative to its environment and its physical wear can vary so widely that the only sensible action is to err on the side of caution, for the sake of your health and eyesight.

    I can be reached at ari@esseyepro.com if anyone has further questions. Our full line of MIL SPEC & ANSI Z87.1-2010 rated eye pro can be viewed at http://www.esseyepro.com, or at our main social media venue, http://www.facebook.com/esseyepro.

    Thanks for helping in the fight to protect eyes,

    Ari Drougas
    Communications Manager, ESS

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