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Australian Federal Police Considering KRISS Vector



It came to my attention whilst talking to a KRISS representative in Las Vegas that the Australian Federal Police (AFP) had – and presumably were continuing – to test and evaluate (T&E) the Vector SMG. A few phone calls revealed, as expected, that the weapon was being evaluated by the Operational Readiness Group (ORG) for use by their Tactical Response Teams (TRTs). The ORG TRTs provide tactical response options to all high-risk AFP operations nationally, and are often tasked to deploy overseas on peacekeeping missions as part of the International Deployment Group (IDG).

Australian military and defense blog Security Scholar reports that the Austrailian Federal Police Tactical Response Teams (TRTs, their version of SWAT teams) have been evaluating the KRISS Vector SMG. While the KRISS Vector SMG had it’s initial problems when they were first introduced back in 2007, they seem to have fixed those issues. In case you’ve never heard of the KRISS or haven’t played COD Modern Warfare 2, the KRISS Vector SMG is a selective fire submachine gun (SMG) that fires in single, two-round burst and fully automatic and is chambered in .45ACP.

[Source: Security Scholar]


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