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Low Recoil 7.62x54R Ammo For Your Mosin Nagant



The Mosin Nagant is a really popular surplus rifle for its low price and affordable ammo. But 7.62x54R is no joke, it kicks. After a day at the range with the old Russian WWII workhorse my shoulder is usually pretty bruised up.

I stumbled upon some low recoil 7.62x54R over at SGAmmo, I haven’t given it a try yet but from the video below it looks like a perfect way to get some range time in without needing to ice my shoulder afterwards. According to SGammo it feels similar to shooting .22 magnum and is about 3200 FPS at the muzzle yet still pretty accurate up to 200 yards. At $30 for 108 rounds it’s not as cheap as surplus spam can ammo, but it won’t break the bank, or your shoulder.