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Ammo Made of Cremated Ashes



Here’s a way to go out with a bang. Instead of a boring traditional funeral, how about a 21 gun salute with ammo made out of cremated ashes? Or a hunting trip with a rifle load mixed with your loved ones cremated remains? The guys at Holy Smoke can make it happen. They specialize in loading cremated ashes into live firearm ammunition, everything from shotgun shells to rifle and pistol cartridges. A box of either 250 shotgun shells, 100 rifle cartridges or 250 pistol cartridges goes for $1,250. For an additional $100 they’ll include a “mantle-worthy, finished, wooden handcrafted boxes with labels”.

It’s not a cheap way to remember your loved ones, but I’m sure they would get a bang out of it! Just remember to clean your gun really well afterwards. You don’t want parts of grandpa stuck in your barrel.


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